I create meaningful connections between people, products and businesses.

Hi, I’m Batul!
A B2B Marketing Expert, Interim Head of Marketing and aspiring entrepreneur from Germany.

How I do that

I have a genuine interest in people.

I listen carefully and ask a lot of questions to develop a better understanding of businesses, their products and target groups. I make sure to understand the benefits and values because this is why people make purchase decisions.

I share my knowledge.

I build strong working relationships with my clients. By sharing my approach and knowledge, we can work together to come up with long-lasting, valuable solutions, rather than quick, temporary fixes.

I am an analytical decision maker.

I use data in a very practical way to answer questions and make informed decisions. I try not to over-analyze things but to get enough information to gain insights for the right path forward.

My values


If I tell you that I take care of things, you can rely on me and forget about it until I come back with results. Sometimes situations change and things take a different direction than anticipated. When they do, I will let you know as soon as possible to figure out a new plan.


I believe that good things happen when I trust people around me and they can trust me as well. It’s the basis of all relationships in my life, personal and professional.


I laugh a lot and sometimes a bit loud. Occasionally people turn their heads. I don’t mind. I love to be positive and integrate my energy into my work.


I always stay true to my authentic self, both personally and professionally, and I encourage others to do the same. The person I am in life is the same individual you'll encounter in the workplace.

A little bit about myself

I went through different stages in my professional life. As a digital consultant at several marketing agencies, I have worked for big clients like Nestlé, tesa or TUI. At Europcar Germany, I established the B2B marketing department while learning how to navigate the corporate world.

In 2016, I chose the entrepreneurial route. As a freelance B2B marketing manager, I help my clients to establish the right marketing strategy and gain significant growth while aiming for high customer retention.

I excel in creating tailored marketing strategies, understanding the B2B sales process, and ensuring a seamless collaboration between marketing and sales teams through lead gen strategy, sales enablement, and marketing automation.

Batul Resheq
Batul Resheq

With experience in understanding customers’ needs across various markets, I effectively identify channels to reach them and execute B2B marketing campaigns, both online and offline. I am adept at data-driven marketing, utilizing A/B testing, user segmentation, and reporting to optimize marketing ROI.

As an interim head of marketing, I manage high-performance teams, agencies, and freelancers, while effectively sharing marketing insights and strategies with stakeholders at all levels.

I regularily attend conferences and organize events and workshops.

  • Webinale - The holistic web conference in Berlin
  • Websummit - Satellite Event for Women in Tech
  • Several Workshops in Bangkok, Hong Kong, DaNang, Hamburg & Berlin

My expertise and services

I have been driving customer acquisition for companies in global markets like SaaS, sustainability, and education sectors. You can find my services and client examples here.

Marketing- und Growth-Strategy

I'm a strategist who thrives on taking action! For me, each strategy should be logically reasoned and transparently executable. I believe any strategic plans that simply get shelved are a sheer waste of energy. When it comes to marketing goals, I can juggle ambiguity well because I define how the results will be measured. This way, planning quickly aligns with reality and is adjusted if necessary.

  • Go-To-Market-Strategy
  • Targeting, Segmentation and Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs)
  • Marketing Goals and Channel Plannning
  • Erstellung von Reportings und Dashboards
  • Budget Planning and Cost Targets (CAC, CpL, etc.)

Businesses I worked for and with

Lead Generation & Lead Management

Successful lead management requires a holistic view of the process. I don't just focus on how leads are generated, but also on how they're converted into customers. I define processes from both the customer and company perspectives, all the way to the final closing. This leads to goal-oriented campaigns and a tighter collaboration between sales and marketing. It's all about creating synergy!

  • Definition of the funnel incl. lifecycle stages, data enrichment and lead qualifications
  • Implementation of processes & workflows in CRM
  • Reinforcing the cooperation between sales and marketing
  • Creation of reports and dashboards

Businesses I worked for and with

Marketing-Automation, E-Mail-Marketing and CRM

Marketing automation combines customer communication, process automation, and technical tool integration - areas that truly excite me. This is where I can unleash my creativity, design efficient communication processes, and automate data streams with Zapier. And yes, I can even write a line or two of code to make it all happen.

  • Definition and creation of lead nurture campaigns
  • Definition and implementation of Nurture Scores
  • Creation of Behavioural-Based Campaigns
  • Newsletter implementation

Businesses I worked for and with

Website Management & Conversion Optimization (CRO)

I've been launching, managing, and optimizing websites since 2009. My passion lies in excellent user guidance, clear website text, and useful content. My websites offer businesses a multitude of benefits: 24/7 sales operations, support for customer inquiries, additional revenue, and they perfectly capture the essence of the product

  • Conception, control and implementation of websites
  • Website Audits and Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Creation and optimisation of landing pages
  • SEO strategy and implementation

Businesses I worked for and with

Let's hear it from some clients

Batul is a digital all-rounder with an ability to analyze and evaluate numbers to implement the right marketing strategy and lean processes for business results. She understood how to apply her knowledge in both a strategic and hands-on way to achieve the best results for the team. She is a reliable and open-minded person and I would love to work with her again in the future.
Benjamin Discher
Global Content Strategist
Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH
We were thoroughly impressed by Batul and her team's dynamic approach to revamping and enhancing our website. collaborative workshop designed to pinpoint the needs of our internal and external audiences played a pivotal role in the project's focused and successful realization. The users can easily access their information, and the site's navigation and layout are clear. Plus, the design is neat and modern.
Séverine Hanßke
Team Leader Corporate Communications
a. hartrodt (GmbH & Co) KG
What Batul means for CODE Berlin? She is our process-nerd, Zapier-guru, Hubspot-expert and calm anchor. With her structured way of thinking and "let’s do that“-attitude, she managed to streamline and automate our processes and reduce our manual efforts significantly. As a facilitator for our student platform, she helps the team to find the right direction on the way to creating a valuable digital product.
Britta Kiwit
Head of Communications
CODE University of Applied Sciences
We are very happy with our new website. From the beginning until the end of the project, Batul explained the process and steps in a coherent way. Thank you for always being patient and taking good care of our requirements.
Silvia Dell'Olio
Executive Director International Affairs
UnternehmerTUM GmbH
From concept to final product, Batul understood our vision and designed a website that reflected our business and values. We appreciated her ability to meaningfully present creative and practical approaches to design the site so that it was both effective and aesthetically pleasing. She was excellent at managing the project and taking charge to ensure that our deadlines where met. Batul also provides you with the tools to manage the site independently, once the project is complete. She is an amazing resource to anyone who has a digital project. We recommend her services highly.
Birgit Rappold and Liad Nyman
Certified Executive Coaches and Co-Founders
Your Growth.Space

Talk to me

Write an email

You have come so far. There is still a lot more to talk about, but I think it is time we get to know each other first. Drop me an email at hello@batul.me and put all your worries on me. As I mentioned at the beginning of this site: I am an excellent listener.

Were you looking for my resumé?

You can find out more about my experiences on my LinkedIn page. I am also happy to send you my resumé via email.