I create meaningful connections between people, products and businesses.

Hi, I’m Batul!
A Digital Marketing Manager, Strategist and aspiring entrepreneur from Germany.

How I do that

I have a genuine interest in people.

I listen carefully and ask a lot of questions to develop a better understanding of businesses, their products and target groups.

I share my knowledge.

I want to establish a partnership with my clients. I explain my process and what it is that I am doing. This creates valuable and long-lasting solutions instead of short-time remedies.

I am an analytical decision maker.

I use data in a very practical way to answer questions and make informed decisions. I try not to over-analyze things but to get enough information to plan the next step.

My values


If I tell you that I take care of things, you can rely on me and forget about it until I come back with results. Sometimes things can go wrong. And when they do, I will let you know as soon as possible to figure out a new plan.


I believe that good things happen if I trust the people around me and they can trust me as well. It’s the basis of all relationships in my life, personal and professional.


I laugh a lot and sometimes a bit loud. Occasionally people turn their heads. I don’t mind. I love to be positive and integrate my energy into my work.


I won’t pretend to be who I am not and neither should you. I like to show up at work like the person I am.

I am a T-Shaped Marketer

I like to describe my knowledge as being a T-shaped Marketer. This means that I have a good skill set covering all digital marketing channels (the horizontal part of the T) with an in-depth knowledge (the vertical part of the T) in website creation, conversion optimization, UX and analytics.

Batul Resheq

A little bit about myself

I went through different stages in my professional life. As a digital consultant at several marketing agencies, I have worked for big clients like Nestlé, tesa or TUI. At Europcar Germany, I established the B2B marketing department while learning how to navigate the corporate world.

For the last 4 years, I chose the entrepreneurial route. As a freelance marketing manager, I help my clients to establish the right marketing strategy and gain significant growth while aiming for high customer retention.

In 2019, I set up my own company called Website Counseling while relocating from Germany to Hong Kong. Being a founder of a company was a challenging task for me as I saw that I had to put myself out there a lot more. It was quite a ride, but I made it. After 2 months, I successfully acquired paying clients, talked at events on a regular basis and was part of the UX-conference Service Design Hong Kong.

Learn More about Website Counseling

Since 2016, I am travelling the world together with my husband. We don't like to call ourselves Digital Nomad but if we were really honest, I guess we are living the nomad life with all its good and bad sites. We post pictures of our adventure on our Instagram channel "Sind wir bald da" (which means "Are we there yet" in German).

Batul Resheq

Who I work with

I like variety in my life. For my professional life, this means working for all kinds of companies located all over the world. From startups to small and medium businesses and marketing agencies. I love to jump between these worlds because this gives me the chance to learn and apply my knowledge from all sides.

Startups and SMEs

Do you want to digitalize your marketing department and achieve better results from your marketing investments? Are you growing as a business and want to reach the next step but you don’t know how to scale your marketing efforts? Do you want to position your products in the digital world to reach more customers?

Here is how I can help.

Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Develop comprehensive marketing strategies that produce measurable results.
  • Collect and analyze customer data to create comprehensive persona profiles and user journey maps.
  • Define marketing plans to implement and execute the marketing strategy.

Marketing Automation

  • Help to find the right Marketing Automation tool and implement it with the help of the IT department.
  • Design and implement marketing automation processes to reduce manual effort and free up to time to scale.
  • Build marketing and trigger-based campaign flows.

Data Analytics and Performance Improvement

  • Define the right business KPIs and measurement metrics.
  • Measure and analyze the effectiveness of marketing activities to quickly grow opportunities or eliminate wrong assumptions.
  • Implement dashboards and reports to keep track of the results.

Management of Websites and Digital Platforms

  • Analyze and audit digital products, platform and websites.
  • Gather input from cross-functional teams to craft and own a prioritized and realistic product roadmap with measurable success metrics.
  • Manage the team to launch, update and optimize the online presences.

Businesses I worked for and with

Marketing Agencies

Is your agency growing fast and you need support for your account team to handle clients’ needs? Or are you looking for help in Digital Strategy to define the perfect roadmap for your clients?

Hire me as a Digital Project Manager

  • Act as the liaison between the client, the creative team, the developers and the content managers.
  • Manage budgets, resources and schedules for multiple projects and teams.
  • Ensure a high quality for deliverables in time and budget while actively managing expectations internally and with the client.

Or as a Digital Strategist

  • Develop and execute digital strategies, marketing plans and success metrics to support the clients’ business objectives.
  • Coordinate in business development initiatives, preparing and participating in pitches to prospective clients
  • Analysis of web/campaign metrics to identify and derive key insights.

This comes with the package

  • Develop a substantial relationship with the client while diplomatically challenging the client’s briefs and requirements.
  • Provide purpose, direction, and motivation to the team and promote a positive collaborative work environment.

I was part of the team for these awesome agencies

Let’s hear it from some clients

Batul is a digital all-rounder with an ability to analyze and evaluate numbers to implement the right marketing strategy and lean processes for business results. She understood how to apply her knowledge in both a strategic and hands-on way to achieve the best results for the team. She is a reliable and open-minded person and I would love to work with her again in the future.
Benjamin Discher
Global Content Strategist
Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH
During the period we worked together Batul went above and beyond in organising, researching, and delivering marketing opportunities using different channels. Because of her “entrepreneurial” mindset she always thinks outside the box to find creative solutions, thereby helping us attract our initial early adopter users.
Anthony Ibekwem
CEO and Co-Founder
What Batul means for CODE Berlin? She is our process-nerd, Zapier-guru, Hubspot-expert and calm anchor. With her structured way of thinking and "let’s do that“-attitude, she managed to streamline and automate our processes and reduce our manual efforts significantly. As a facilitator for our student platform, she helps the team to find the right direction on the way to creating a valuable digital product.
Britta Kiwit
Head of Communications
CODE University of Applied Sciences
We are very happy with our new website. From the beginning until the end of the project, Batul explained the process and steps in a coherent way. Thank you for always being patient and taking good care of our requirements.
Silvia Dell'Olio
Executive Director International Affairs
UnternehmerTUM GmbH

What I do

You want to hear the condensed version and get some buzzwords in? These services and expertise I can call my own. Some are a one-woman-show and for others, I will make use of my network of fantastic freelance developers, UX and graphic designers to collaborate with.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Product Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Website (Re-) Launches
  • Discovery & Strategy Workshops
  • Persona Definition & User Journey Mapping
  • Project & Account Management

Is something missing?

There are certain marketing services I don’t personally provide. But I won't leave you hanging. I have a network of very talented and awesome experts who I love to bring on board.

Talk to me

Write an email

You have come so far. There is still a lot more to talk about, but I think it is time we get to know each other first. Drop me an email at hello@batul.me and put all your worries on me. As I mentioned at the beginning of this site: I am an excellent listener.

Were you looking for my resumé?

You can find out more about my experiences on my LinkedIn page. I am also happy to send you my resumé via email.