Hi, my name is Batul.

I am a Marketing Manager for Small and Medium Businesses.

Free Website Performance Analysis

I created a website report to show you what really counts.
Find out how your website is performing, if you are really reaching your goals and if you are spending your marketing budget on the wrong channels. Plus, get hands-on advice to make the right marketing decisions and grow significantly.

Need a new website?

You want a new website for your business and already spent hours searching the web for relevant information. But this doesn't make it any easier and you are struggling with where to start.

You have a rough plan for your new website but hiring a whole marketing agency sounds like a very expensive way to go. The problem is you don't have a clue how many people you need to make the project happen and where to find a reliable team.

Stuck with your business results?

Your product has been launched for quite a time now but when you look at your results something has to be wrong. You don't understand why your marketing effort is not performing as expected and you have no idea how to make improvements to reach more customers.

Want a jump-start for your marketing?

You are the owner of a small business and want to launch your new product. With the amount of to-dos sitting on your desk there are never enough hours in a day to complete them all. Especially that marketing part would need so much time to plan and execute. But a launch without advertising doesn't make any sense either. You wish that there would be somebody who understands your business and can help you start successfully.

You came to the right place

Stress-free Website Launch

Get the perfect website to reach your business goals without all the hassle and the overhead of a marketing agency. I will find the best team for you, lead your project and deliver your new online presence in time and in budget.

Boost your Business

Make every penny of your marketing budget count. My business analysis will give you a better understanding of how to improve your marketing efforts. And with your new action plan, you can start right away. I will enable you to reach more people and turn them into happy customers while investing your budget more efficiently.

Start your business with success

Let me be your right hand during your business launch. I will show you how to focus on the right marketing strategy, target audience and communication channels. My growth hacks will help to get your business out there and quickly turn leads into customers.

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My Marketing Packages for more happiness

Let's be honest: How should you know what exactly is necessary to launch a new website or which channels are the best to start your marketing campaign if you haven't done it many times before?

Sure, you could search the web to find out, but this will take a lot of time and chances are you will make wrong decisions.

Save time and frustration and book my Marketing Packages. They contain everything that you need for a successful marketing project. I will take care of every little detail, and you will be happy that you have an expert at your site.

The only thing you have to do is to decide which Package is the right one for you. And then we will get started!

Get to know me

What I do

I am a marketing manager, consultant, project manager, food and wine enthusiast.

I help small and medium enterprises to boost their marketing. My objective is to find the perfect solutions and marketing channels for each business. This leads to better traction, more happy users and generates more revenue while saving time and money. I also consult my clients with their business processes, especially the implementation of marketing automation tools and workflows.

I have strong project management skills and many years of experience leading big teams from different departments like creatives, developers, content creators or social media managers.

Batul About me

My vision

I want to change the bad reputation marketing managers have. Working number-oriented and tracking marketing results enable me to better understand my clients' target audience. This leads to decisions rather based on their behavior and needs and not only on the so called marketing gut feeling. I combine this analytical way of working with a lot of creativity and enthusiasm because I really love what I do.

I always strive for a deep knowledge about my clients' business or product. This is why at the beginning I can be a little bit of a pain as I just wont't stop asking all these questions. But how can I start giving advice without understanding who my clients really are? So please be patient with me and my questions.

Batul Vision

What others say about me

Batul is a digital all-rounder with an ability to analyze and evaluate numbers to implement the right marketing strategy and lean processes for business results.
She understood how to apply her knowledge in both a strategic and hands-on way to achieve the best results for the team.
She is a reliable and open-minded person and I would love to work with her again in the future.


Benjamin Discher Marketing Brandmanager // Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH

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